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Volunteering in Dubai has been made much easier. Whether you are looking for volunteer work in Dubai, or you’re searching for volunteering opportunities in Dubai; there are many volunteering jobs in Dubai, such as Dubai cares volunteer. It is no news that the United Arab Emirates is striving to maintain the culture of volunteering in promoting and fostering sustainable development and building a better future for the future generations.

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Recently, the country has seen a massive growths in the nonprofits sector, as several dozen organisations are engaging in volunteering activities and community service including a national portal solely dedicated to volunteering in Dubai, which support volunteering activities across UAE.

Volunteering in Dubai 2019

Volunteering in Dubai isn’t as hard as you might have been made to believed. If you are interested in a volunteer work in Dubai, there are various organizations across the country seeking for passionate people like you.

Even a well established organizations like Dubai Cares Volunteer are actively looking for competent people who are willing to join the organization, and make a difference in the community across the country.

By seeking for volunteering opportunities in Dubai—you are ready to volunteer your time and services to any social and charitable organizations.

PS: There are various charitable organizations in UAE, such as: Animal shelter, orphanage volunteer, and paid volunteering in Dubai. There are also opportunities for volunteering in Dubai for students. Literally, everyone have the opportunity to join the charitable organizations in UAE.

In order to be part of the helping hands, you can reach out to the following registered charitable organisations and see how you can help. If you want to give back to the community by helping the charitable organizations develop and shape the society, please consider joining any of the following charitable organizations.

List of Organizations for Volunteering in Dubai

1. Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares is a volunteering organization in Dubai, which hosts different activities around the year with the support of the United Arab Emirate’s community. The institution accepts volunteer who are over 16 years of age. Young people under 16 years are also eligible when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Read about how to join as a volunteer.

2. National Fund

National Fund is a fund raising program established to support Emiratis to get free education, training and setting up a business. This fund was started by a group of Emirati businessmen in 2016. The fund aims to develop the economy and does this by investing in the human resource.

One of its goals is to provide career guidance to 10,000 Emirati school students. In addition, the fund will provide summer and winter courses and opportunities to gain work experience to about 1,000 Emiratis. It will also support research and development in universities to create new products, services and intellectual property.

3. Dubai Chamber

Dubai Chamber provides information about volunteering in Dubai existing projects and how to engage employees in the community. The program managed by the Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, connects businesses to community partners to get their support on different community projects. The main objective of ENGAGE Dubai programme is to stimulate corporate involvement in community development through employee volunteering.

4. Dubai Volunteer

The Dubai Volunteer is an initiative by Community Development Authority. It is the first formal body of Dubai Government established to manage volunteering services in the UAE, with a special focus on the emirate of Dubai. The centre connects deserving community causes with willing volunteers, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and care throughout society.

The centre lets individuals and companies to register as volunteers for various activities and events organised by the Volunteer Affairs section. These events are typically held in conjunction with various governmental, nonprofit organisations and private institutions to serve the community.

5. We Are All Police

Police in Abu Dhabi launched the initiative ‘We Are All Police‘. Under this initiative, residents and citizens are trained to become community police officers.

The programme provides skills through courses includes of:

  • Innovation in providing ideas that leverage security systems.
  • Sense of security
  • First aid
  • Crises and disasters
  • Dealing with community diversity
  • Writing reports (of all kinds)
  • Organising events and activities
  • Problem-solving
  • Public speaking skills

You can register for this initiative through their official website or by calling 8001000.

Volunteering Jobs in Dubai

Charity organizations in the UAE are seeking for people with the knowledge and skills to become involved in crises and contribute to the safety of their fellow citizens.

1. Sanid

Sanid is a volunteering initiative by Emirates Foundation in partnership with NCEMA to unites volunteers throughout the United Arab Emirate who share a sense of social and civic responsibility. The organization provides citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirate.

2. Emirate Red Crescent

The Volunteer Department at Emirate Red Crescent focus on attracting and engaging volunteers in activities that support community at the social, cultural and economic levels, individually or through secondary groups of the authority.

For distribution of volunteer roles, the Volunteer Department consist of three categories: Student Crescent which includes students from elementary to secondary levels, University Crescent which comprises students of colleges, institutes and universities and Volunteers which involves all members of society. Read about how to volunteer with Red Crescent Authority. You can also check the volunteering portal of the authority.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested about volunteering in Dubai, you can apply for volunteer cares in Dubai. There are paid volunteering in Dubai as well as places to volunteer in Dubai. So, if you want to join other passionate individuals who are working tirelessly to make a difference in the United Arab Emirate, don’t hesitate to grasp this opportunity. Join other helping hands to save lives.

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