Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2020-2021

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Are you looking for a Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia? Apply for the latest Addis Zemen Vacancy.

Job Description

Permit me to say this one thing. If this is your first time attempt to reach out to companies, firms, organizations etc., for a possible employment; then knowing the job description is paramount.

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Generally, a reporter, also known as journalists, is someone whose job is to source for news and keep the public informed with important happenings and events.

There are various ways in which reporter can source for news. It could be through interviews, questions and answers kind of briefing to mention but a few.

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As a reporter, you are expected to be pro-efficient in your duties and responsibilities.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are actively UPDATING this page with new reporter job vacancy in Ethiopia.

A reporter should be able to handle the following responsibilities:-

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Must be able to source and write news
  • Must be able to conduct a perfect interviews (on-air and off-air)
  • Must be phenomenal at generating stories
  • Must be able to analyze and interpret complex information to the audience understanding
  • Must be skilled in editing articles and scripts using proper grammar and style
  • Can make on-air interviews for television and radio broadcasting
  • Can provide opinions in the form of columns or editorials

Job Requirements


A degree in Journalism or any other related field is accepted. But it should be acquired from a reputable university.


While some employers place a great deal of emphasis on your “experience” others would employ on the basis of your skill set.


  • Strong writing skills, and ability to convey information in a clear, concise and conversational manner
  • Excellent live reporting skills and strong on-camera presentation skills
  • Able to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends
  • Ability to interact professionally and build relationships and sources
  • Ability to shoot and edit digital video
  • Strong research skills, including the ability to navigate online search engines, such as Google.

Top Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

When it comes to reporter job vacancy in Ethiopia, these are the top employers in the industry. Nearly every reporter’s job seeker I’ve met wants to work for either of the big four.

  • Addis Zemen – Ethiopian Press Agency
  • Capital Ethiopia Newspaper
  • Addis Fortune Newspaper
  • The Ethiopian Reporter – Media Communication Centre

How to Apply for Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Firstly, you must fulfill the above requirements to be deemed qualified for any of these top reporter’s jobs in Ethiopia.

To apply, simply submit your CV along with application letter via email to any of these employer:-

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of organizations, businesses and companies in Ethiopia who are looking for reporters for quick employment.

This section of our website is purely for job seekers who have been trying to take up a career in reporting without any success.

I think you should now be on the process to apply for your first reporter’s job.


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