List of Nonprofit Organizations in Germany

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Whether you’re looking for the list of NGOs in Germany, or simply searching for donors in Germany. In this article, you will find the list of nonprofit organizations in Germany.

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Charity organizations in Germany provides charity for the homeless, and also deals with the ever increasing global humanitarian and environmental issues. Below is the list of NGOs in Germany.

List of NGOs in Germany

There are relatively many donors in Germany. Much like the NGOs; donors primary aim is to give help to the disadvantaged people in the society; includes of providing health awareness, and support during crises.

Donors in Germany

International NGOs in Germany work hand-in-hand with the local non-governmental organizations in Germany, in order to improve the quality of life of people in the poorest societies of the world.

International NGOs in Germany

Final Thoughts

NGOs in Germany has impacted greatly across various communities around the world. Most of these nonprofit organizations in Germany provides emergency medical aid and disaster relief to people living in poor countries, and to victims of natural disasters and civil unrest.

Also, many non-governmental organizations in Germany offers internship program to students from leading German universities doing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of economics, political science, social science, engineering, sport and other disciplines.

Nonprofit organizations in Germany also provides facilities and services to help people with disabilities—physical, mental or emotional—by offering residential housing, education, job training, aid with medical problems such as diagnostics and therapy.

Germany charity foundations encourages school children with different cultural and educational backgrounds to become active members and leaders in their communities. It also foster community engagement among children.

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