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So you’re keen to know about NGO in Malaysia, right? You’re doing absolutely fine! Although you are not alone, because quite a lot of people wants to know the list of NGO in Malaysia.

Why are people so obsessed with the NGOs?

Before we go any further, lets take a quick look of what is NGO, what they do, and why you need to get yourself involved.

What is NGO?

NGO is an abbreviation for non-governmental organization. NGOs are more often than not, non-profit organizations.

What this actually means is that, there’s no government or political affiliation to a non-governmental organizations.

NGOs are often independent of governments!

Okay! Enough of this explanation. Lets go straight to the list of NGO in Malaysia.

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But wait…

How would it feels like to volunteer your time, efforts and services to people who are desperately in need?

It feels good—I hear you say!

That’s awesome! But let me say this. When you volunteer to help other people meet their needs; not only will you feel a great deal of relief, but there’s a likely hood of also meeting with like-minded people.

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Below, am going to share with you the full list of ngo/non-profit organizations in Malaysia.

List of NGO in Malaysia

Borneo Resources Institute Malaysia (BRIMAS)
Centre for Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia (CETDEM)
Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM)
Global Environment Centre (GEC)
Malaysian Karst Society
Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)
Malaysian Society of Marine
Partners of Community Organisations (PACOS)
Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society (WCS)
Socio-Economic & Environmental Research Institute (SERI)
Sustainable Development Network Malaysia (SUSDEN) 
TRAFFIC – the wildlife trade monitoring network
Treat Every Environment Special Sdn Bhd. (TrEES)
Wetlands International (Malaysia)
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia
Water Watch Penang (WWP)
Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP)
Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)
Third World Network (Malaysia Office)

NGO / Non-Government Organization in Malaysia

Have you ever considered volunteering, or making some kind of charitable donation? You are welcome to join any of the non-government organization in Malaysia listed on this blog.

If perhaps, you want to make a difference in the social sphere, this list of ngo company in Malaysia should give you a sense of non-government organizations working in Malaysia.

Final Thoughs

To opt-in the non-government organization in Malaysia, simply have a look at any of the listed ngo in Malaysia to signup.

So, that was the list of ngo in Malaysia 2019. However, we are actively looking for newly registered non government organizations in Malaysia to add to this list.

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