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You are here probably because you’re seeking for the best schools in Melbourne, right? Am sure that’s why you’re here in the first place. Even though there are some worst schools in Melbourne; when I say worst schools, I mean the type of schools you would not—in your right sense—want your children to go to; there are also many top schools in Melbourne (Primary and Secondary). But the question is: which of this school would best match the needs of your children? Just like every parents, you probably want your kids to feel at home whenever the get to school, and the only way to make it happen is to send them to the best school.

What makes the best schools in Melbourne?

At first, Melbourne is the capital and most populous city of state Victoria, and second most populous city in Australia. The city has one of the lowest crime rates globally, it was ranked the 5th safest city in the world in The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2017. That should give a sense why Melbourne always comes to the minds of parents looking to send their children to Primary or High School.

Apart from academic performance and results, the quality of the sporting facilities, couple with music and visual art can make a difference. So when looking out for top schools in Melbourne, the factors of what makes the best schools should also be considered.

That said, to get your decision right for your child, you should take in a range of factors: everything from location, size of student population, to whether the school is single sex or co-education.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top government and private schools in Melbourne: from best girls school in Melbourne to boys schools in Melbourne.

Best Schools in Melbourne 2019

Every parents wants their children to attain the highest feet in life, and the only way to turn that wish into reality is to ensure that your kids attend some of the best schools possible. In Melbourne, there are hundreds of quality schools that caters for children: from Kindergarten to Year 21.

If you are looking to get your children enrolled in some of the top schools in Melbourne, then this article will come in handy—you will find an overview of some of the best ranking schools in Melbourne.

Best Primary Schools in Melbourne

#1: Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC)

Presbyterian Ladies College commonly known as PLC is an independent private day and boarding school specially for girls. PLC is located in Burwood. Not only is PLC among the best primary schools in Melbourne, but its also rank as one of the best schools in Melbourne.

At Presbyterian Ladies College, it is a common belief that single-sex education is the ideal option for girls. So, if your thoughts is as good as theirs, and you’re eager to send your kids to some of the top primary schools in Melbourne, then this school is an ideal option to be considered.

PLC Contact Details

Address: 141 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC, 3125, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9808 5811
Fax: +61 3 9808 5998

#2: Southmoor Primary School

Southmoor Primary School is pride itself as a school with a dynamic learning environment and innovative programs. The learning environment offers care, security, and vitality. The staff, school council and community proudly recognize and develop a cultural, social, intellectual and physical diversity, all of which are features Southmoor Primary School.

With more than 30 full time and part time staff, including Education Support staff, the school has strong focus on literacy and numeracy and the community is further inspired by environmental education, science and information & communication technology. Hence, students are equipped with the needed skills to embrace the 21st century’s challenges with ease.

Southmoor Primary School Contact Details

Address: Rica Street Moorabbin, VIC 3189
Telephone: (03) 9555 1235

#3: Fitzroy Community School

Founded in 1976 by Philip O’Carroll and Faye Berryman, Fitzroy Community School or FCS as it is widely known is an independent, alternative primary school. At FCS, children are keen on learning and keen on coming to school—week-in-week-out. The most common comment that visitors make is that it feels like an extended family. That’s true anyway.

Though student enrollment size is relatively usually small—less than 100. But this is deliberate. Everybody knows everybody, and the individual feels valued. It’s not just another institution.

FCS aims for three outcomes in terms of its students and graduates: happiness, viability and academic excellence. We feel that these qualities offer the best chance of a happy, fulfilling and engaging life.

FCS Contact school

Address: 597 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy Victoria, Australia 3068
Telephone: (03) 9489 2356

#4: Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS)

Beverley Hills Primary School often to referred to as BHPS is amongst some of the best primary schools in Melbourne, and is consistently ranked among the best performed schools in Victoria.

BHPS aim to build a learning community with parents and teachers as partners in the educational process. The school is committed to nurturing the academic and social development of every child. It is the school’s philosophy that every student can learn and that necessary growth is achieved by ensuring that:

  • the educational program caters for children of varying abilities
  • students develop self-discipline and commit themselves to their studies
  • students respect themselves, each other and their world
  • the pursuit of academic, sporting and artistic excellence, and social responsibility, are acknowledged and rewarded.

BHPS Contact Details

Address: 2-14  Cassowary Street Doncaster East 3109
Telephone: (03) 9842 1428
Email: N/A

#5: Huntingtower School

Located in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley, Huntingtower School is an independent, co-educational day school and boarding school. The school currently caters for approximately 730 students from pre-prep to Year 12. Huntingtower is affiliated with the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA), the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria (AISV) and is a member of the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne (EISM). It is a member of the Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools (VESS).

Beautiful, park-like grounds provide a backdrop for calmness, gentleness, caring and deep thinking. Within this environment everyone is free to be themselves, to know themselves and to express themselves.

Huntingtower School Contact Details

Address: 77 Waimarie Drive, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9807 8888

Best High Schools in Melbourne

Melbourne High School (MHS)

Established in 1905, Melbourne High School commonly referred to as MHS is one of the best high schools in Melbourne. It’s a government-funded secondary day school for boys, located in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. The school caters for boys from Year 9 to Year 12 and is known mainly for its strong academic reputation.

Melbourne High School works to remain at the forefront of education for boys in Australia. Arguably one of the best State Secondary Schools in Melbourne. The school offers outstanding facilities for the delivery of its programs and is attended by students from a wide area of metropolitan Melbourne and beyond.

MHS Contact Details

Address: Forrest Hill, South Yarra, 314
Telephone: +61 3 9826 0711

Best Public Schools in Melbourne

#1: Oakleigh South Primary School

Oakleigh South Primary School is situated in the former Huntingdale High School; a quiet area of Oakleigh South, with beautiful grounds nestled in between Metropolitan and Huntingdale Golf Courses. Being one of the best government schools in Melbourne, the school pride itselve in offering all students a wide range of success orientated opportunities in a safe and caring environment. The school encourage high academic achievement with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, as a basis for all further learning, followed by developing the whole child in the areas of music, visual arts, sport and sustainability.

Oakleigh South Primary School Contact Details

Address: Riley Street, Oakleigh South, Vic, 3167
Telephone: 9570 1016

#2: Serpell Primary School

Serpell Primary School has over 1,100 students. There are 48 classes and the average class size is 23 pupils. There are 7 Prep classes, with an average of 21 students per class.

The school is a dynamic, thriving, learning community made up of a diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The school strives to offer learning opportunities that promote a thinking culture, cater for individual learning styles, engage and extend our students, develop independence, resilience and collaborative learning.

At Serpell Primary School, students are taught the skills to strive for excellence, work cooperatively with others, behave respectfully and to value their cultural heritage.

Serpell Primary School Contact Details

Address: Tuckers Road, Templestowe, Victoria 3106, Australia
Telephone: (03) 9842 8182

Best Private Schools in Melbourne

Haileybury College

Haileybury College is an independent co-educational boarding school, located in Hertfordshire countryside, for pupils aged 11-18.

As the School’s academic results continues to impress and rank amongst the top private schools in Melbourne and the country, so is the enrollment. Being the largest school in Australia—with over 4,000 enrollments across 6 campuses—Haileybury is acclaimed as a great school. The School is known have a very successful education model, outstanding teachers, small class sizes, an unmatched level of individual attention, outstanding academic results, a strong international focus and more than 120 years of history.

In Melbourne, you can find campuses in Berwick, East Brighton, Keysborough, and the CBD, Melbourne’s first early learning to Year 12 independent school campus in the city centre.

Haileybury College Contact Details

Address: Hertford SG13 7NU
Telephone: 01992 706 200

Best Catholic Schools in Melbourne

St Joseph’s School

St Joseph’s School is a small parish school located in the south central suburb of Elsternwick. The enrollment of Catholic students has increased steadily in the past couple of years, with 90% of the 2018 Prep students being baptised Catholics. The school continues to actively provide opportunities for students, families and staff to participate in Masses, Sacraments, liturgies and family faith nights.

If you’re looking for the best Catholic schools in Melbourne to send your children, then this school should be considered.

St Joseph’s School has undergone several major refurbishments in recent years:

  • 2014 – Land was acquired for an adventure playground and fencing was added to improve the external appearance of the grounds.
  • 2016 – $2M building project was completed, which resulted in 6 new learning spaces, a new staffroom, a new canteen, a refurbished administration area and extra learning spaces for our increased number of students.
  • 2017 – The playground underwent further development with the laying of synthetic grass in the newly acquired rear playground, and the resurfacing and painting of the front playground. In 2017, an additional shade cloth was installed to increase the shaded area for the students.
  • 2019 – Generous fundraising by the Parents and Friends Association resulted in a new, and much improved, adventure playground. 

St Joseph’s School Contact Details

Address: 28 Sandham St, Elsternwick VIC 3185
Telephone: 0395281614

Best Girls School in Melbourne

Discover the best girls school in Melbourne. In this section, you’ll find some of the top girls schools including the best private girl schools in Melbourne.

While it is important that girls get the attention, resources and leadership opportunities that they yearn for—a process that is usually seen as an uphill climb; especially in a male dominated environment, or in co-educational schools, where girls have to sweat it out with boys for leadership opportunities. Single-sex schools allow girls to be more confident and competitive, and student leadership roles are 100 per cent available to girls in single-sex schools.

#1: Presbyterian Ladies College

Presbyterian Ladies College commonly known as PLC is a private day and boarding school for girls. PLC is situated in Burwood; and not only is it among the best private schools in Melbourne, but its also ranked the best high schools in Melbourne.

At Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC), it is belief that single-sex education is the ideal option for girls. So, if your thoughts is as good as theirs, then this school remains an ideal option for your daughters.

PLC Contact Details

Address: 141 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC, 3125, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9808 5811
Fax: +61 3 9808 5998

#2: Fintona Girls’ School

Established in 1896, Fintona Girls’ School is one of the best independent girls schools in Melbourne with a long tradition of educating girls to the highest standard. The school offer classes from ELC to Year 12. Fintona Girls’ School is a small, independent, day school for girls, located in Balwyn, Melbourne.

Fintona is a non-selective school and currently caters for approximately 600 students from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12. The school offers a co-educational early learning program for girls and boys.

Fintona Girls’ School Contact Details

Address: 79 Balwyn Road Balwyn, VIC 3103
Telephone: + 61 3 9830 1388

#3: Mentone Girls’ Grammer School

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School is an independent, Anglican day school for girls. The school is situated in Mentone, and it is one of the fastest growing girls’ school in the region. Additionally, the school has a non-selective enrollment policy and currently caters for approximately 1000 students, with girls enrolled in the Early Learning Centre (3 and 4 years of age), Kindergarten to Year 12.

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School now has many Chinese students in Years 10 to 12.

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School Contact Details

Address: 11 Mentone Parade, Mentone Victoria, 3194
Telephone: (+61 3) 9581 1200

#4: Lauriston Girls’ School

Lauriston Girls’ School is an independent and one of Australia’s most successful and innovative girls’ schools. The school is based in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale and caters for students from 3 year old Kindergarten to Year 12.

The school has a clear goal, which is to provide rigorous, innovative and engaging academic and co-curricular programs. Lauriston Girls’ School work collaboratively with parents, students, staff and external thought-leaders to ensure that they provide the students with a world-leading education.

Address: 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, Victoria 3143
Telephone: +61 3 9864 7555

Boys Schools in Melbourne

Camberwell Grammar School

Camberwell Grammar School is an independent School founded in 1886 by A.B. Taylor for the boys in the local community. Over a century on, the school continues to impress. At Camberwell, learning takes place in many shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage and on the debating platform.

Camberwell Grammar School is your best bet if you’re looking for an independent, private boys schools in Melbourne to send your son.

Camberwell Contact Details

Address: 55 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9835 1777

Final Thoughts

Whether you are searching for the best Primary, Secondary (High School) in Melbourne to enroll your children; or you are looking to send your kids to some of the best Public, Private or Government schools in Melbourne; this article provides you with an overview of some of the top schools in Melbourne.

Students in schools in Melbourne learn traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages and the Arts, as well as physical and social learning subjects such as Health & Physical Education and Civics & Citizenship. They also learn subjects like Communication and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), which are applied across the other subject areas.

In addition to learning these traditional subjects, schools in Melbourne has a strong tradition in the provision of excellence in educational standards and the development of students who strive and achieve success in academic, artistic and sporting arenas.

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