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Top 5 Best Primary Schools in Boksburg, South Africa

Looking for the best primary schools in Boksburg, Gauteng region, South Africa? Check out for the top 5 public and private primary schools in Boksburg.

You are reading this article probably because you are looking for some of the best primary schools in Boksburg, South Africa. And am sure that is why you are here in the first place. Even though there are some worst schools in the city of Boksburg; when I say worst schools, I mean the type of schools you would not want to send your child to. However, there are still some top and yet, good and affordable primary schools in Boksburg—if you ask me.

But the question is: Which of these schools would best match the needs of your child? For parents seeking for the best possible education for their children, understanding the basics, and possibly, factors that influence the rankings of schools is crucial.

In this article, we’ll cover everything from private, independent to top public primary schools in Boksburg. You can also read our previous article on 10 of the best primary schools in Port Elizabeth.

It is no doubt that every parents want their children to attain the highest feet in life, and the only way you can transition that mere wish into fruition, is to ensure that your child attend some of the best schools possible—from Primary and High School to Higher Institution.

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Top 5 Best Primary Schools in Boksburg

1. Christian Brothers’ College Boksburg

Christian Brothers’ College Boksburg is a co-educational, Catholic school situated in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. At Christian Brother’s College consists of Primary (000 to 3), Preparatory (4 to 7), and High School (8 to 12). Class sizes vary with maximum numbers of 15 in Year 000, 20 in Year 00 and 25 in the other classes.

Important Information:

Address: Boksburg South, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa
Telephone: +27 11 917 9518/9
Grades: 000 to 12

2. St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls

St Dominic’s School is an independent, private schools located in Kruger Street, Boksburg in the Gauteng province. The school started its Pre-Grade School in 1991 with 48 pupils in Grade 0. Presently the school accommodates over 1,000 learners from Pre-Grade (Grade 000) to Grade 12.

Important Information:

Address: Kruger Street, Boksburg P.O. Box 230, Boksburg, 1460
Telephone: (011) 917 5150/1
Grades: 000 to 12
Enrollment: ~ 1,000

3. Woodlands International College

Woodlands International College is an independent school comprises of three campus: Pre-Primary (Grade 000 to 0), Junior College (Grade 1 to 6), Senior College (Grade 7 to 12). The College opened its doors to a handful of children in 2002. Woodlands International College strive to develop each pupil to their full potential.

Important Information:

Address: 190 Leith Road, Bartlett AH, Boksburg, 1462
Telephone: 011 894 5161
Grades: 000 to 12
School Fees: R44 688 to R86 793 per annum

4. Dalpark Private School

Dalpark Private School is a private Primary School that caters for learners from Grade R to Grade 7. The school boasts small classes (not exceeding 30 learners). The school is well known in the Brakpan and East Rand area for being progressive and being willing to implement new programmes to benefit the learners.

Important Information:

Address: 34 Umkomaas Road, Dalpark Ext 6, Brakpan, Gauteng
Telephone: +27 (0) 11 915 5700
Grades: R to 7

5. Excelsior Academic College

Excelsior Academic College is a co-educational school situated in the Tenth Street on Boksburg North. At Excelsior Academic, classes are kept small, from 4 per class to maximum of 15 students per class, to give each student the attention they require to thrive.

Important Information:

Address: 47 Tenth Street Boksburg North, Boksburg, 1459
Telephone: (081) 409 9458
Grades: 000 to 12

What makes the best primary schools in Boksburg?

At first, Boksburg is a city in the South African province of Gauteng. Boksburg has an estimated population of approximately 260,321. Even though Black African account for more than 60% of its population, English remains the primary medium for communication.

Now, what makes the best primary schools in Boksburg?

Apart from academic performance and results, the quality of the sporting facilities, couple with music and visual art can make a difference. So when looking out for top primary schools in Boksburg, some of the factors of what makes the best schools should also be considered.

However, to get your decision right for your child, you should take in a range of factors: everything from location, size of student population, to whether the school is single-sex or co-educational.

I hope you found this helpful.

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