Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Gauteng, South Africa

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Looking for the best boarding schools in Gauteng Province in South Africa? Check out for cheap, private, government boarding schools for boys and girls in Gauteng, Midrand, South Africa.

You are reading this article probably because you are looking for some of the best boarding schools in Gauteng, South Africa. Am sure that is why you are here in the first place. Even though there are some worst boarding schools in the Gauteng Province in South Africa; when I say worst boarding schools, I mean the type of boarding schools you would not want to send your children to. However, there are still some top and yet, cheap boarding schools in Gauteng—if you ask me.

But the question is: which of these schools would best match the needs of your children? For parents and individuals seeking for the best possible education, understanding the basics, and possibly, factors that influence the rankings of schools is crucial.

In this article, we’ll cover everything from private to public, government boarding schools in Gauteng. You can also read our previous article on the best boarding schools in Limpopo.

It is no doubt that every parents want their children to attain the highest feet in life, and the only way you can transition that mere wish into fruition, is to ensure that your kids attend some of the best schools possible—from Primary and High School to Higher Institution.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Gauteng

1. Parktown Boys’ High School

Parktown Boys’ High School is a public, government boarding high school for boys in Parktown. Apart from consistently rated among the best performing schools in South Africa, it is one of the oldest schools in Johannesburg.

Parktown Boys’ was founded in 1920, and there around 435 boys on the register. Today, the school has over 800 pupils enrolled—from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Important Information:

Address: 20 Wellington Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
Telephone: +27 11 642 4531
Grades: 8 to 12
Enrollment: ~ 800
School Fees: R55 000.00 per annum

2. Northcliff High School

Northcliff High School, commonly referred to as Northcliff High, is a co-educational day and boarding high school in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

The school focused on developing the whole child by offering a balance of academics, sport and cultural activities. It is among the leading boarding schools in Guateng.

Important Information:

Address: Mountainview Ave, Northcliff, Johannesburg, 2195
Telephone: +27 11 476 1544
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees: R45 400 per annum

3. Jeppe High School for Boys

Jeppe High School for Boys is a public, government day and boarding secondary high school in Gauteng. The school was established in 1890 with just 25 students on the register. Presently, there are 950 students enrolled.

Important Information:

Address: Roberts Avenue and Good Hope Street, Kensington Johannesburg
Telephone: 011 614 1938
Grades: 8 to 12
School Fees: R50 700 per annum
Enrollment: ~ 950

4. St Andrew’s School for Girls

St Andrew’s School for Girls is a top private Christian girls-only day and boarding school in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The school has a student body of around 1,100 girls. St Andrew’s has been voted as Best English High School, Best Private School for Girls and Best Nursery School by the public in the popular newspaper.

Important Information:

Address: St Andrews Ave, Senderwood, 2145, South Africa
Telephone: +27 11 453 9408
Grades: R to 12
School Fees:
Grades 8 & 9: 130,912 per annum;
Grades 10 to 12: 143,100 per annum
Boarding Fees: 122,170 per annum
Enrollment: ~ 1,100

5. St Stithians College

St Stithians College is a private Methodist Parochial school situated on the border of Randburg and Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. It consists of boys’ and girls’ colleges, boys’ and girls’ preparatory schools, and a junior preparatory. The school has around 742 boys and 530 girls.

Important Information:

Address: 40 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Sandton, 2129
Telephone: +27 11 577 6000
Grades: R to 12
School Fees:
Grades R to 2: 99,430 per annum;
Grades 3 to 5: 113,720 per annum;
Grades 6 to 7: 128,240 per annum;
Grades 8 to 12: 150,110 per annum;
Boarding Fees (Boys: 110,210; Girls: 55,000) per annum;
Enrollment: ~ 1,272

6. St John’s College

St John’s College is a private school for boys in South Africa founded in 1898. The college, originally established as an Anglican school for boys, accepts boys and girls at various levels of education: Bridge Nursery, Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, College, and Sixth Form. The school has around 1,350 pupils enrolled.

Important Information:

Address: St David Road Houghton, 2198 Johannesburg, South Africa
Telephone: 010 492 0300
Grades: R to 12
School Fees:
R 310,000 per annum – (tuition and boarding)
R 200,000 per annum – (tuition only)
Enrollment: ~ 1,350

7. King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School often abbreviated with KES is a public school for boys situated within the city of Johannesburg in South Africa’s Gauteng Province.

The school has an enrollment of over 1,100 boys from grades 8 to 12 (ages 13 to 18). King Edward VII Preparatory School (KEPS), which is situated adjacent to the High School and shares its grounds, caters to boys from grades R to 7.

Important Information:

Address: 44 St Patrick Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198
Telephone: 011 551-5800
Grades: R to 12
School Fees:
R56 000 p.a. (tuition)
R63 500 p.a. (weekly boarding)
R70 000 p.a. (termly boarding)
Enrollment: ~ 1,200

8. Greenside High School

Greenside High School is a public co-educational high school situated in Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa. In 2007, the school won the Top Public School in Gauteng award.

Important Information:

Address: Geers Avenue Greenside Johannesburg 2193
Telephone: 011-646-0113/4
Grades: 8 to 12

9. Helpmekaar Kollege

Helpmekaar Kollege is an Afrikaans private high school in Gauteng province, South Africa. The school was established in 1921 with an aim to provide pupils an alternative to English schools. Today, there are over 1,050 learners in the school, from Grades 8 to 12.

Important Information:

Address: Empire Rd & Melle St, Johannesburg, 2001
Telephone: +27 11 339 2226
Grades: 8 to 12
Enrollment: ~ 1,050

10. Bryanston High School

Bryanston High School is a public co-educational high school, in Bryanston, Johannesburg. It offers quality education to pupils from Grades 8 to 12 in a safe and secured environment.

Important Information:

Address: 8 Tramore Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191
Telephone: 011 706 6010
School Fees:
Grade 8: R45 880 per annum
Grades 9 to 12: R43 880 per annum

What makes the best boarding schools in Gauteng?

At first, Gauteng is one of the nine provinces of South Africa. In spite of its small land area, the province is highly urbanized, containing the country’s largest city, Johannesburg. With a total estimated population of around 15,176, 115; you will agree that Gauteng is quite relatively small (land-wise) compare to some of its neighbors in the region.

Even though Black African account for nearly 78% of the province’s population, English still remains the dominant language in Gauteng.

Now, what are the best boarding schools in Gauteng?

Apart from academic performance and results, the quality of the sporting facilities, couple with music and visual art can make a difference. So when looking out for cheapest public boarding schools in Gauteng, some of the factors of what makes the best schools should also be considered.

That said, to get your decision right for your child, you should take in a range of factors: everything from location, size of student population, to whether the school is single-sex or co-educational.

I hope you found this helpful.

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